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Journalists Missing

CPJ research indicates that the following journalists have disappeared while doing their work. Although some of them are feared dead, no bodies have been found, and they are therefore not classified as "Killed." If a journalist disappeared after being held in government custody, CPJ classifies him or her as "Imprisoned" as a way to hold the government accountable for the journalist's fate.

Reports   |   Cyprus, Germany, Russia, Turkey

Turkey: Nationalism and the Press

By Robert Mahoney

As Turkish nationalist resist European tilt, free expression is a victim.
March 16, 2006 12:00 AM ET


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Yemen: Attacks, Censorship, and Dirty Tricks

SANA'A, Yemen -- Newspaper editor Jamal Amer arrived home just before dawn last August 23 after closing the latest edition of his independent weekly, Al-Wasat. A shout pierced the morning calm as Amer got out of his car, and, within moments, a man in a military jacket and traditional head scarf bundled the editor into a nearby Toyota pickup.
March 9, 2006 12:00 AM ET


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Under Threat

Iraqi journalists frequently face hazardous conditions on the job.
By Joel Campagna and Hani Sabra

May 17, 2004 8:17 PM ET


Reports   |   Afghanistan, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq

Iran: Press Freedom Fact Sheet

Understanding the players and institutions involved in the struggle for press freedom in Iran
November 1, 2001 8:17 PM ET


Reports   |   Germany, Libya, Philippines

Hostage to the News

Der Spiegel's man in Jolo recalls his stint as a hostage of Commander Rat
September 18, 2000 8:17 PM ET

Reports   |   Germany, Turkey

CPJ Dangerous Assignments

What kind of journalism triggers Turkish state retribution? Read for yourself.
November 1, 1999 8:17 PM ET


May 3, 1999 8:17 PM ET


Reports   |   China, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan

Attacks on the Press in China and Hong Kong: 1996 and 1997


Aug. 21, 1997
The Communist Party's propaganda department, the Culture Ministry, and the Press and Publications Administration banned Chen Fang's 1997 book, Wrath of Heaven: A Mayor's Severe Crime, for posing a threat to Chinese leadership with its coverage of government corruption. Though a novel, the book describes the infamous 1995 corruption scandal involving the former mayor of Beijing, Chen Xitong, and Wang Baosen, deceased deputy mayor.

September 1, 1997 8:17 PM ET


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