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nbsp;Addis Dimts were each sentenced in absentia to 15 years, and Fasil Yenealem got a life sentence, based on their activities with pro-opposition
Nairobi, June 27, 2012--Today's conviction of six Ethiopian journalists on vague terrorism charges is an affront to the rule of law and the constitution in the Horn of Africa country, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. At least 11 journalists have been charged with terrorism since November 2011,...
New York, January 25, 2012--Jailed Ethiopian dissident blogger Eskinder Nega will stand trial in March for all of the terrorism accusations initially advanced by prosecutors, a federal high court judge ruled yesterday, local sources said. If convicted on all charges, he could face the death penalty. ...
Abebe Belew of the U.S.-based radio station Addis Dimts; and Fasil Yenealem of Netherlands-based station ESAT were charged with providing support to Ginbot
a condamné par contumace les journalistes en exil Dereje Habtewold et Fasil Yenealem. Ils ont été reconnus coupables d'implication dans un complot de
August, a public prosecutor convicted in absentia exiled journalists Dereje Habtewold and Fasil Yenealem. They were found guilty of involvement in a coup plot by the “
Freed Ethiopian journalist Fasil Yenealem Agegnehu explains his experience behind bars. New York, December 5, 2007--Nearly
editor Dereje Habtewold of Netsanet; deputy editor Feleke Tibebu of Hadar; publisher Fasil Yenealem of Addis Zena; and Kifle Mulat, the exiled president of the banned
Netsanet ; le rédacteur adjoint Feleke Tibebu de Hadar ; et l’éditeur Fasil Yenealem de Addis Zena ont été acquittés de trois chefs d’accusation
Dereje Habtewold of Netsanet; deputy editor Feleke Tibebu of Hadar; and publisher Fasil Yenealem of Addis Zena were acquitted of three criminal charges and ordered released

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