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even a criminal offense.  Radio France Internationale and Bonesha FM correspondent Hassan Ruvakuki spent 16 months in jail after he interviewed a leader of a
reporters calling for the release of their imprisoned colleague, Bonesha FM correspondent Hassan Ruvakuki. In March, Ruvakuki was released from prison with no explanation. He had
demandaient la libération de leur collègue, le correspondant Bonesha FM, Hassan Ruvakuki, emprisonné depuis novembre 2011 pour « collaboration avec un groupe criminel ».
le 6 mars 2013-- Les autorités burundaises ont aujourd'hui libéré Hassan Ruvakuki, un journaliste qui a été emprisonné pendant 16 mois sous des accusations
Nairobi, March 6, 2013--Burundian authorities today released Hassan Ruvakuki, a reporter who has been imprisoned for 16 months on charges related
News from the Committee to Protect Journalists, February 2013 CPJ launches 2013 edition of Attacks on the Press An unprecedented rise in the number of journalists killed and imprisoned in the past year coupled with restrictive legislation and state censorship is jeopardizing independent reporting in many countries, according to...
trois semaines pour protester  contre l'emprisonnement d'un de leurs confrères, Hassan Ruvakuki, incarcéré depuis le 28 novembre 2011 sous des accusations de complot
the past three weeks: protest the imprisonment of one of its own. Hassan Ruvakuki is a reporter jailed since November 28, 2011 on anti-state charges;
Tuareg rebels. In June 2012, a court in Burundi sentenced radio reporter Hassan Ruvakuki to life in prison on terrorism charges based on his embedded reporting
En juin 2012, un tribunal au Burundi a condamné l'animateur de radio Hassan Ruvakuki à la prison à vie sur des accusations de terrorisme basées sur son

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