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silence on press freedom issues in the past--notably when Liberian journalist Mae Azango, a 2012 CPJ International Press Freedom Awardee, went into hiding for weeks
Press Freedom Award to four journalists from around the world--Dhondup Wangchen, Mae Azango, Azimjon Askarov, and Mauri König. All four came up against these
la Liberté de la Presse à quatre journalistes à travers le monde--Dhondup Wangchen, Mae Azango, Azimjon Askarov, et Mauri König. Tous les quatre se sont heurté
de Imprensa  a quatro jornalistas ao redor do mundo: Dhondup Wangchen, Mae Azango, Azimjon Askarov, e Mauri König. Confrontados com essas questões, os
nbsp; to the reporting of Mauri König (Gazeto do Pozo, Brazil), Mae Azango, (New Narratives and FrontPage Africa, Liberia) as well as jailed journalists Dhondup
My indignation is greater than my fear." Another of CPJ's award winners, Mae Azango of Liberia, practically exudes indignation. This is directed at former warlords in
Carroll, executive editor of The Associated Press, presented the award to Mae Azango of FrontPage Africa and New Narratives. Azango's reporting on the sensitive
New York, November 13, 2012-- Four fearless journalists from Brazil, China, Kyrgyzstan and Liberia who risked their lives and liberty to expose wrongdoings will be awarded the Committee to Protect Journalists' 2012 International Press Freedom Awards, an annual recognition of courageous reporting.  Harassed, tortured, threatened and imprisoned for their critical...
The award winners are Mauri König, a Brazilian investigative reporter; Mae Azango, a Liberian journalist; jailed Tibetan journalist Dhondup Wangchen; and Azimjon Askarov, a
includes the controversial report on the threats and harassment that Liberian journalist Mae Azango faced after reporting on female genital mutilation in the country. Upcoming events

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