In Bangladesh, bloggers killed, threatened

Four Bangladeshi bloggers have been hacked to death by apparent Islamic extremists in the past six months. Niloy Neel, Ananta Bijoy Das, Washiqur Rahman Babu, and American-Bangladeshi Avijit Roy had all written about sensitive subjects and religious issues. Despite the arrest of three suspects, critics say Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's response is insufficient. The violence comes as journalists are also facing arrest in the country.

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• Journalists killed in Bangladesh

Activists protest against Niloy Neel's murder. (AP/Rajib Dhar)

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Balancing Act

The EU and press freedom

“The European Union should…” Nearly every day this remark is on the lips of press freedom activists who blame the EU for not doing enough for press freedom. “The EU should call Hungary to order.” “The EU should slam Russia for its repression of the independent media.” “The EU should punish Ethiopia for jailing journalists and bloggers.” These expectations and, at times, exasperation are inevitable. The EU, with its 28 member states, describes itself as a democratic haven and the largest economy and trading group in the world. Brussels, home of the major EU institutions and host of the world’s third largest international press corps, has constantly proclaimed that its internal political order and foreign policy are based on human rights, rule of law, and democracy. So shouldn’t the EU be judged according to the yardstick by which it has chosen to measure others?

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Balancing Act

EU as a global actor

On World Press Freedom Day (May 3), the highest EU officials line up to deliver their message of support for a free press. But press freedom and human rights activists who spoke with CPJ said that when it comes to meaningful diplomacy in repressive countries that are important trade partners or strategic allies, the EU is often inconsistent. “The real nature of human rights diplomacy can be judged on the determination to confront countries that have a real importance for the EU,” Portuguese socialist MEP Gomes told CPJ. “The EU does not really pass the test.”

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Case will test Bangladesh and its commitment to justice for bloggers

Bangladeshi protesters hold torches in a demonstration against the murder of Niloy Neel, the fourth blogger killed in the country this year. (AFP/Munir uz Zaman)

Murder charges filed this week against five suspected Islamist militants in the killing of a Bangladesh blogger give the government a chance to prove it's serious about protecting the nation's bloggers. The formal charges, filed in connection with the March killing of Washiqur Rahman Babu, mark the first time charges have been brought in any of the four blogger slayings so far this year, according to news reports.

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Hasina government must do more to protect Bangladesh's bloggers

Bangladeshi activists protest the killing of secular blogger Niloy Neel in Dhaka on August 11, 2015. (AP/ A.M. Ahad)

Asif Mohiuddin's stab wounds are still visible two years on. In January 2013, the outspoken Bangladeshi blogger narrowly escaped death after he was attacked near his office by knife-wielding assailants. His attackers stabbed him nine times on his neck, head, and back, narrowly missing his spine.

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Journalist arrested in Bangladesh under country's ICT Act

New York, August 17, 2015--Bangladeshi authorities should immediately release Probir Sikdar, an editor who was arrested on Sunday, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

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Fourth blogger killed in six months in Bangladesh

Ashamoni, wife of blogger Niloy Neel, cries at her house in Dhaka Friday. (AP/A.M. Ahad)

New York, August 7, 2015--Bangladeshi authorities should immediately investigate the murder today of a secular blogger who was hacked to death by six assailants with sharp weapons in his home in the capital, Dhaka, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The blogger, who is known as Niloy Neel, frequently criticized religious extremism in the Muslim majority country and advocated for minority rights and secular ideas, according to news reports. Neel is the fourth blogger to be hacked to death in Bangladesh in six months.

August 7, 2015 11:42 AM ET


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Drawing the line: Cartoonists under threat

On January 7, two gunmen burst into the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing eight journalists and bringing into focus the risks cartoonists face. But with the ability of their work to transcend borders and languages, and to simplify complex political situations, the threats faced by cartoonists around the world—who are being imprisoned, forced into hiding, threatened with legal action or killed—far exceed Islamic extremism. A Committee to Protect Journalists special report by Shawn W. Crispin

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Third blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh this year

New York, May 12, 2015--Four unidentified assailants wielding cleavers and machetes killed a blogger in Bangladesh today, marking the third time in less than three months that a blogger has been slain in the country, according to news reports. Ananta Bijoy Das was hacked to death while headed to work in the city of Sylhet, the reports said.

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CPJ concerned by arrest of Bangladeshi journalist and his treatment in custody

New York, April 1, 2015--The Committee to Protect Journalists today calls on Bangladeshi authorities to release a detained journalist and probe allegations that he was mistreated in custody. Mizanur Rahman has been in jail since March 17, according to news reports and Rahman's coworker.

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Second blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

March 30, 2015, New York--Bangladeshi authorities should investigate the murder of a blogger in the capital, Dhaka, and hold the perpetrators to account, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Washiqur Rahman Babu is the second blogger to be hacked to death in public in Bangladesh in the past five weeks.

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