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Working between the bombs in Gaza

Today I spoke on the telephone with Ibrahim Barzak, an Associated Press correspondent in Gaza whose home was destroyed on December 30 in an Israeli strike. He now sleeps in his office and continues to file news stories. There is no downtime; with an Israeli ban on the entry of foreign journalists into the Gaza Strip, Ibrahim and other local colleagues are left with the gargantuan task of bringing the conflict to the world on their own.

Barzak described on Wednesday how his local mosque--where he'd prayed daily since he was a child--his home, and all the buildings on his beat were obliterated. "After days of Israeli shelling, the city and life I have known no longer exist," he wrote.

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You dont have anything to say about working betweem misilles In south Isreal ?

8 years of bombings citezens !!

Enough with the hypocrisy. Israeli journalists were reporting from the South of Israel eight years under random brutality bombardment - the Israeli public suffered from, and we have not seen even one of your article regarding this.