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Burmese censorship at work

At a Tuesday meeting of the International Freedom to Publish Committee (a publishing industry group dedicated to free expression) in New York, Maureen Aung-Thwin handed out pages from Flower News, a Rangoon-based newspaper that had been marked up by Burmese government censors. Burma is the world’s second most censored country, according to a 2006 CPJ report. But you don’t have to read Burmese to understand what’s going on here. The red marks speak for themselves. Aung-Thwin is the director of the Burma project at the Open Society Institute and one of the world’s leading experts on that country. 

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looks like they're still doing this the good old-fashioned way.... for anyone interested in a short history of Burmese censorship, read Anna Allott's book, "Inked Over, Ripped Out." Published in 1993 -- but not as out-of-date as we would hope.... Can read it online here: