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What's new on the CPJ Blog

You may have noticed a few changes we've made to the CPJ Blog recently. Here's what's new (with much thanks to our Web developer, John Emerson):

Our bylines are now clickable. You can see a staffer's (or guest blogger's) entries on one page by clicking, giving you an overview of blogs written by, say, Bob Dietz, our Asia program coordinator.

We've also added small photos and brief bios at the tops of pages and at the bottom of individual entries.

We've also created tag clouds on the blog. Look at the right-hand column: Topics are prominently displayed, as are categories, below that.

Another new feature is the drop-down list of authors, also in the right-hand column: "Entries by Author."

By showing you a little more about who we are and where we come from, we hope this brings our work within closer reach. Our goal is to get you reading, and caring, about journalists and the press in danger around the world. 

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Dear Lauren Wolfe
It is really great that to facilitate more to the readers news changes have been made in the website - Thanks a lot.

Writing from Wesleyan. Lauren, would you have time to post something about your web site on the Wesleyan community blog, WesLive, which is accessible from the Wesleyan home page?

Thanks, Bashir.
And here's what I wrote for Wesleyan (thanks again for the invitation, David):