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Anjali Manivannan

Anjali Manivannan graduated from NYU School of Law with a focus on human rights. She has interned for Human Rights Watch, People’s Watch in India, Badil in the West Bank, and two former U.N. special rapporteurs. She also has five years of advocacy experience regarding human rights in Sri Lanka and has been awarded NYU’s post-graduate Arthur Helton Fellowship.

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Sri Lanka must end media restrictions to facilitate reconciliation

This month, in the wake of anti-Muslim sectarian riots in the southwest, the Sri Lankan government pressured local journalists to hide the truth by not covering the violence. Those brave enough to report it had their equipment destroyed and were threatened or physically attacked, according to media reports. Since the government stifled coverage of these incidents, journalists have reported using websites accessible outside Sri Lanka. The atmosphere of intimidation in Sri Lanka continues to have a chilling effect on reporting across ethnic lines, even on issues unrelated to the most controversial topics of the wartime or postwar human rights situation.

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