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Bulgarian journalists are under attack

Protesters clash with riot police during a protest in Sofia in July. (AP/Georgi Kozhuharov)

This summer, for good reason, the world's attention was focused on Turkey. Anti-government protests over plans to destroy a park in downtown Istanbul attracted global attention. Ankara's strategic importance in Syria and the Middle East, as well as being a member of NATO, makes what happens in Turkey important.

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Beyond the Bulgarian umbrella

"The current situation has made it necessary for the First Main Directorate (PGU) of [Russia's] KGB to give the First Main Directorate of [Bulgaria's] Ministry of Internal Affairs the following special means: devices for silent, mechanical ejection of special needles, containing swift poisons. ..."

Georgi Markov (AP Photo/Dimitar Deinov)

The above is an excerpt from Addendum 13 of the "Perspective plan for cooperation between the intelligence services of USSR and communist Bulgaria in the period 1972-1975"--a secret document made public thanks to Hristo Hristov, an investigative reporter with the Bulgarian independent daily Dnevnik who won a six-year-long legal battle for access to the secret archives of Bulgaria's National Investigative Service (NRS), the country's security agency. Last week, Hristov published his book The Double Life of Agent Piccadilly, based on more than 90 volumes of previously undisclosed NRS documents that shed light on the 1978 murder in London of Bulgarian dissident journalist Georgi Markov. 

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