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Abdullah Kılıç

Imprisoned since July 25, 2016, on terrorism charges

As part of the Free the Press campaign, this month we focus on Abdullah Kılıç, a former columnist for the shuttered daily newspaper Meydan. Kılıç has been in jail since July 25, 2016, pending trial on several terrorism-related charges, including “being a member of an armed terrorist organization,” based on his journalistic work. Kılıç has denied all the charges. His trial is expected to begin at the end of March. Learn more about Kılıç.

Join CPJ in calling for Kılıç’s immediate release from prison in Turkey.

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Free the Press is a campaign run by CPJ to raise awareness and take action around the cases of 10 journalists imprisoned on anti-state charges like terrorism. Take action and learn more.


Freelancer Safety

Never have so many different types of journalists reported the news on so many different platforms. Yet no matter the form of journalism—from investigative to beat reporting, foreign correspondence to domestic coverage, blogging to photojournalism— thorough preparation is the starting point.

Technology Program

Technology Program

Technology enables unprecedented access to information and empowers acts of journalism in even the most repressive environments. It also proses new threats to journalists everywhere.



Murder is the ultimate form of censorship. Hundreds of journalists are murdered but the killers go free in nine out of 10 cases. CPJ is waging a global campaign to combat impunity. Raise your voice. Speak out for justice.

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Past Campaigns


Critics Not Criminals

Freedom of expression in all its forms and manifestations is a fundamental and inalienable right of all individuals. Additionally, it is an indispensable requirement for the very existence of a democratic society.

Press Uncuffed Bracelet

Press Uncuffed

Journalists are being imprisoned in record numbers as authorities seek to silence and retaliate against critical voices. We must act together to change this. If a journalist somewhere still wears a cuff, so will we. Get yours here.


Free Rasool

Iraqi journalist Mohammed Ismael Rasool was arrested in Turkey alongside Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury, two British journalists from VICE News. But whereas Hanrahan and Pendlebury were released a week later, Rasool is still behind bars. Sign the petition calling on Turkish authorities to #FreeRasool.



When journalists believe they might be targeted by government hackers, pulled into a criminal investigation, or searched and interrogated about their work at the U.S. border, their ability to inform the public erodes. If journalists cannot communicate in confidence with sources, they cannot do their jobs.


Press Freedom for Development

Freedom of expression and access to information play a crucial role in good governance, transparency, and accountability--and these in turn are pillars of sustainable development.