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Journalists Killed in the Last Ten Years

The Toll: 1995-2004

Each year in January, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) publishes a list of journalists killed in the line of duty around the world. This list has become the most widely cited press freedom statistic and is often seen as a barometer of the state of global press freedom.

While the correlation between the number of journalists killed and the state of press freedom in a particular country is far from exact--no journalists have been killed in Cuba, for example, and only one has been killed in China during the last decade--the annual list does give some sense of the range of risks that journalists face in reporting the news. To provide a more complete statistical picture, CPJ releases a list of journalists killed during the last decade. The list has been broken down by year, country, and a variety of other categories.
December 31, 2004 3:42 PM ET


Alerts   |   Russia

CPJ disturbed by journalist's conviction

New York, December 17, 2004—The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned that authorities in the southern Russian republic of North Ossetia have prosecuted and convicted Yuri Bagrov, a reporter who covered the North Caucasus and Chechnya for The Associated Press (AP) until September.

The Leninsky court in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia's capital, today convicted Bagrov on criminal charges of using falsified documents to obtain Russian citizenship and fined him 15,000 rubles (US$540).
December 17, 2004 12:00 PM ET


December 15, 2004 4:02 PM ET


China, Cuba, Spain

Don't play along with Castro's cynical game

This article originally appeared in
The International Herald Tribune
December 13, 2004

NEW YORK--When Raúl Rivero was released from prison and reunited with his family in Havana last week, newspapers around the world published photographs of the smiling Cuban writer embracing his wife, Blanca.

December 14, 2004 3:32 PM ET


China, Cuba, France, Malaysia, Russia, Tunisia

The Internet’s Role in Media Freedom

The Internet’s Role in Media Freedom
By Mick Stern

The Boston Globe
December 14, 2003
December 13, 2004 5:48 PM ET


Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Romania

Remembering a Friend Lost to Saddam’s Terror

Remembering a Friend Lost to Saddam’s Terror
by Frank Smyth

International Herald Tribune
June 3, 2003

December 13, 2004 5:43 PM ET

Canada, China, Denmark, Rwanda, Yugoslavia

Murder by MediaWhy the Rwandan genocide tribunal went too far.

Murder by Media
Why the Rwandan genocide tribunal went too far.

By Joel Simon

December 13, 2004 5:42 PM ET

Georgia, Iraq, Qatar

Al Jazeera: Leave It to Viewers

Al Jazeera: Leave It to Viewers
By Joel Campagna

The International Herald Tribune

December 13, 2004 5:36 PM ET

Alerts   |   Bulgaria

Could face three years in prison for espionage

New York, November 18, 2004—George Buhnici, a reporter for the Romanian private television station Pro-TV, was detained yesterday by Bulgarian border police in the northern Bulgarian city of Ruse while he was trying to return to Romania, according to The Associated Press.

The Bulgarian information agency Focus reported that he was arrested for using a hidden camera and microphone while investigating alleged corruption by border officials in a duty-free shop in Ruse, which also serves as a border crossing point with Romania.
November 18, 2004 12:00 PM ET


Alerts   |   Russia

Klebnikov family calls for journalists worldwide to probe editor's unsolved murder

Washington, November 18, 2004—The family of slain journalist Paul Klebnikov is calling on reporters worldwide to launch an investigation into the unsolved murder of the Forbes Russia editor, gunned down in a contract-style slaying outside his Moscow office in July, the journalist's brother said today.

"In this awful tragedy there are seeds of hope. We've been approached by many journalists who seek to send a message to the killers," Peter Klebnikov said at a press conference organized by the Committee to Protect Journalists. CPJ is honoring the slain Forbes editor with one of its 2004 International Press Freedom Awards.
November 18, 2004 12:00 PM ET



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