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James Edwin Richards

Neighborhood News

October 18, 2000, in California, USA

Richards, the editor of an e-mail newsletter covering the high-crime Oakwood neighborhood of Venice, California, was shot to death at around 4:15 a.m while walking near his house.

Neighborhood News reported on petty theft, drug sales, and other local crimes. Richards was also a longtime community activist and block captain for his community's Model Neighborhood Program.

Press reports quoted Venice councilwoman Ruth Galanter as saying that Richards's murder "appears to have been a straightforward assassination." She added that Richards had made many enemies in the course of his work as a journalist and activist.

At the time of his murder, Los Angeles Police Department officers said that they had no suspects and were not sure about the motive for the crime.

Motive Unconfirmed: CPJ is investigating to determine whether the death was work-related.

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