Journalists Killed  |  Iraq

Anis Qassem

Atyaf (Iraqi Media Network)

October 29, 2006, in Baghdad, Iraq

Unidentified gunmen killed Qassem, a driver for the Iraqi state television channel Atyaf, and presenter Naqshin Hamma Rashid as the two were driving to work near Haifa Street in central Baghdad, according to CPJ sources.

Atyaf is the second channel of the Iraqi Media Network and broadcasts in several languages, including Kurdish and English, according to CPJ sources. Colleagues at Al-Iraqiya, the main state television channel, said the murders were part of the continued targeting of employees of the Iraqi Media Network.

Media Support Worker: In 2003, CPJ began documenting the deaths of vital media employees such as translators, drivers, fixers, and administrative workers.

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