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Ali Watan Rozouk al-Hassani


July 6, 2007, in Al-Samawah, Iraq

Gunmen shot al-Hassani, an administrative assistant and security guard for the local television station Al-Samawah, during violent clashes in Al-Samawah, capital of southern Al-Muthanna province, according to the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, a local press freedom organization. Al-Hassani was driving to work when he was shot in the head.

Al-Samawah's building had been subjected to heavy shelling that had interrupted its broadcasts, station chief Saeed al-Badri told the observatory. Al-Hassani had cut a vacation short to help the station get back on the air, al-Badri said. A police spokesman told the observatory that the shooting took place about 330 feet (100 meters) from the television station.

Media Support Worker: In 2003, CPJ began documenting the deaths of vital media employees such as translators, drivers, fixers, and administrative workers.

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