25 Journalists Murdered in India since 1992

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Statistical Analysis

Job *

12% Broadcast reporter
4% Camera Operator
24% Editor
4% Photographer
4% Internet reporter/writer
56% Print reporter/writer
4% Producer
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Medium *

4% Internet
88% Print
4% Radio
12% Television
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100% Male
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Local / Foreign

100% Local
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Murder Victims

12% Taken Captive
44% Threatened
4% Tortured

Impunity in Murder Cases

96% Complete impunity
4% Partial justice
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Suspected Source of Fire

28% Criminal group
8% Government Officials
12% Local Residents
4% Paramilitary Group
36% Political Group
16% Unknown
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Beats Covered by Victims *

8% Business
52% Corruption
28% Crime
12% Culture
20% Human Rights
52% Politics
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16% Freelance
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All figures are rounded to the nearest full percentage point. * May add up to more than 100 percent because more than one category applies in some cases.

25 Journalists Murdered in India

     Terminology explained

Karun Misra, Jansandesh Times

     February 13, 2016, in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Jagendra Singh, Freelance

     June 8, 2015, in Shahjahanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India

MVN Shankar, Andhra Prabha

     November 26, 2014, in Andhra Pradesh, India

Tarun Kumar Acharya, Kanak TV, Sambad

     May 27, 2014, in Odisha, India

Sai Reddy, Deshbandhu

     December 6, 2013, in Bijapur District, India

Rakesh Sharma, Aaj

     August 23, 2013, in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India

Narendra Dabholkar, Sadhana

     August 20, 2013, in Pune, India

Rajesh Mishra, Media Raj

     March 1, 2012, in Rewa, India

Umesh Rajput, Nai Dunia

     January 23, 2011, in Raipur, India

Vikas Ranjan, Hindustan

     November 25, 2008, in Rosera, India

Mohammed Muslimuddin, Asomiya Pratidin

     April 1, 2008, in Barpukhuri, India

Prahlad Goala, Asomiya Khabar

     January 6, 2006, in Golaghat, India

Veeraboina Yadagiri, Andhra Prabha

     February 21, 2004, in Medak, India

Parvaz Mohammed Sultan, News and Feature Alliance

     January 31, 2003, in Srinagar, India

Ram Chander Chaterpatti, Poora Sach

     November 21, 2002, in Sirsa, India

Moolchand Yadav, Freelance

     July 30, 2001, in Jhansi, India

Saidan Shafi, Doordarshan TV

     March 16, 1997, in Srinagar, India

Altaf Ahmed Faktoo, Doordarshan TV

     January 1, 1997, in Srinagar, India

Parag Kumar Das, Asomiya Pratidin

     May 17, 1996, in Assam, India

Ghulam Rasool Sheikh, Rehnuma-e-Kashmir and Saffron Times

     April 10, 1996, in Kashmir, India

Mushtaq Ali, Agence France-Presse and Asian News International

     September 10, 1995, in Srinagar, India

Ghulam Muhammad Lone, Freelancer

     August 29, 1994, in Kangan, India

Dinesh Pathak, Sandesh

     May 22, 1993, in Baroda, India

Bhola Nath Masoom, Hind Samachar

     January 31, 1993, in Rajpura, India

M. L. Manchanda, All India Radio

     May 18, 1992, in Patiala, India