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Journalists in Exile: 2007

At least three journalists a month flee their home countries to escape threats of violence, imprisonment, or harassment. By Elisabeth Witchel and Karen Phillips
June 17, 2007 5:01 PM ET
November 13, 1998 8:17 PM ET

Dangerous Assignments   |   Nigeria, Zambia

CPJ leads campaigns to aid Nigerian and Zambian journalists

On Dec. 23, 1995, six agents of Nigeria's State Security Service (SSS) arrested Nosa Igiebor, the editor in chief of the best-selling weekly magazine Tell, as he prepared to leave his Lagos home for work. Igiebor, a 1993 recipient of CPJ's International Press Freedom Award, had just resurfaced after months in hiding. While he was being arrested, SSS agents confiscated over 20,000 issues of Tell's Christmas Day edition with the cover story "Abacha is Adamant: Terrorizes the Opposition."
May 3, 1996 8:17 PM ET
May 3, 1996 8:17 PM ET


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