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Global Magnitsky Act could be powerful weapon against impunity in journalist murders

The funeral of Sergei Magnitsky is held in Moscow on November 20, 2009. The lawyer died in state custody after exposing official corruption. (Reuters/Mikhail Voskresensky)

Last week, the proposed Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act emerged from the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee with approval. The bill was passed by the Senate last year. If passed by the full House of Representatives and signed into law by the president, it has the potential to offer partial redress to one of the most chilling truths facing journalists today: in 90 percent of cases, the murders of journalists go unpunished.

Letters   |   Gambia

CPJ calls on the Gambia to free journalist, drop charges against him

Dear President Jammeh: The Committee to Protect Journalists, an independent international press freedom organization, is writing to express its concern about a Gambian journalist who has been held by the National Intelligence Agency since July 17.

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Gambia should disclose whereabouts of radio journalist

Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay. (Amadou Csay)

Abuja, Nigeria, July 9, 2015--The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Gambian authorities to disclose the whereabouts, health, and legal status of Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay, a radio journalist who was last seen on July 2 with individuals reported to be Gambian state security agents.

"Gambian security agents have long stoked a climate of fear for journalists working in the country," said Peter Nkanga, CPJ West Africa representative. "We call on Gambian authorities to immediately release Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay and to stop trying to silence the media through intimidation."

Alerts   |   Gambia

ECOWAS court rules Gambia failed to investigate journalist murder

The son of the late journalist Deyda Hydara, in blue, stands outside the ECOWAS court with his lawyers. (CPJ/Peter Nkanga)

Abuja, Nigeria, June 10, 2014--The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes today's ruling by a West African regional court, which found that the Gambian government failed to conduct a meaningful investigation into the murder of journalist Deyda Hydara. The ruling is the first ECOWAS case relating to the murder of a Gambian journalist.

Attacks on the Press   |   Gambia

Attacks on the Press in 2013: Gambia

The government of President Yahya Jammeh sought to tighten its grip on the already weak independent press with detentions, criminal prosecutions, and the introduction of more repressive legislation. The National Intelligence Agency arbitrarily detained at least three reporters in connection with their work for prolonged periods of time. One remained in detention in late year. Authorities announced their intention to re-introduce statutory regulation of the press with a government-run Media Commission and criminalized online dissidence by passing a law imposing a harsh prison sentence on any individual, living in the country or abroad, who uses the Internet to criticize public officials. No new information surfaced on the whereabouts of journalist Ebrima “Chief” Manneh, who disappeared after being arrested by agency officers seven years ago. The government has made contradicting claims about Manneh’s whereabouts and health over the years, and has not complied with various international rulings ordering his release.

February 12, 2014 2:06 AM ET

Afrique, Attaques contre la presse, Gambie

Attaques contre la presse en 2013: Gambie

Le gouvernement du président Yahya Jammeh resserre son étau contre la presse indépendante déjà affaiblie par les détentions arbitraires, les poursuites pénales, et l'adoption d'une législation plus répressive. L'Agence nationale de renseignement a détenu arbitrairement pour une durée illimitée, au moins trois journalistes. L’un des journalistes était toujours en détention à la fin de l’année. Les autorités ont annoncé leur intention de réintroduire la loi sur la réglementation de la presse, - mise en place d’une Commission des Médias -gérée par le gouvernement, et la pénalisation de la dissidence en ligne- en adoptant une loi qui impose une lourde peine d’emprisonnement à toute personne vivant dans le pays ou à l'étranger, qui se servirait d’Internet pour critiquer les autorités publiques. Aucune nouvelle information n’a filtré sur le sort du journaliste Ebrima “Chief” Manneh, qui a disparu après avoir été arrêté, il y a sept ans, par des agents de l'agence de renseignement. Pendant plusieurs années, le gouvernement a fait des annonces contradictoires sur son lieu de détention et son état de santé, et a ignoré les appels de la communauté internationale pour sa libération.

12 février 2014 1h41 ET

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