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Peru must take steps to decriminalize defamation

Dear President Humala: We congratulate you on your first week in office as president of Peru and would like to take this opportunity to urge you to sign into law a recent bill passed by Congress that eliminates prison terms for defamation, an important first step toward the decriminalization of libel in your country. At a time when archaic criminal defamation laws are being used by officials to punish critical reporters, we call on you to uphold your pledge to protect freedom of expression by signing this bill and promoting the necessary changes toward a complete decriminalization of libel, leaving redress for this offense to civil courts.

Notícias, Peru

Peru: Suprema Corte libera editor encarcerado por difamação

Nova York, 21 de junho de 2010 – O Comitê para a Proteção dos Jornalistas (CPJ) recebe com satisfação a decisão da Suprema Corte de Justiça peruana que libertou na sexta-feira o editor do semanário Nor Oriental, Alejandro Carrascal Carrasco, que havia sido sentenciado em 12 de janeiro a um ano de prisão por difamação.

junho 21, 2010 5:10 PM ET


Noticias, Perú

Peru: Corte Suprema libera a editor encarcelado por difamación

Nueva York, 21 de junio de 2010—El Comité para la Protección de los Periodistas (CPJ, por sus siglas en inglés) celebra la decisión de la Corte Suprema de Justicia peruana que dejó en libertad el viernes a Alejandro Carrascal Carrasco, editor del semanario Nor Oriente, quien había sido sentenciado el 12 de enero a un año de prisión por supuesta difamación.  

21 de Junio 2010 5:04 PM ET


Alerts   |   Peru

Peruvian Supreme Court frees editor jailed for defamation

New York, June 21, 2010—The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes Friday’s decision by the Peruvian Supreme Court to release Alejandro Carrascal Carrasco, editor of the weekly newspaper Nor Oriente, who was sentenced on January 12 to one year in prison on defamation charges.

Alerts   |   Peru

Newspaper editor jailed for defamation in Peru

(José Flores)

New York, January 14, 2010—The editor of a Peruvian weekly newspaper in the Amazonian city of Bagua, Utcubamba province, was sentenced on Tuesday to one year in jail on defamation charges, according to local news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists called today for his immediate release.

Alejandro Carrascal Carrasco, at right, editor of the Bagua-based weekly Nor Oriente, was convicted of charges that stemmed from a series of articles he wrote in 2005 alleging corruption in a local public educational institute, the journalist’s lawyer, Juan José Quispe, told CPJ. Victor Feria, former director of the institution, filed the defamation lawsuit, the local press said.

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