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Attacks on the Press   |   Argentina, Australia, Colombia, East Timor, Indonesia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Yugoslavia

Attacks on the Press 1999: 1999 Death Toll: Listed by Country

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At its most fundamental level, the job of a journalist is to bear witness. In 1999, journalists in Sierra Leone witnessed rebels' atrocities against civilians in the streets of Freetown. In the Balkans, journalists watched ethnic Albanians fleeing the deadly menace of Serbian police and paramilitaries. In Indonesia, they recorded the violence of Indonesian-backed militias against supporters of political independence. Some who wrote about what they witnessed ended up dying because of the stories they told.

Attacks on the Press   |   Nigeria

Attacks on the Press 1999: Nigeria

Following national and presidential elections in February, decades of military rule ended with the installation of a new civilian government on May 29, headed by President Olusegun Obasanjo. Both in Nigeria and abroad, expectations ran high that the dark days of repression under former dictator Gen. Sani Abacha were finally over. However, the transition to civilian rule was hardly built on a strong foundation of democracy and human rights.
March 22, 2000 12:03 PM ET


2 results