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Journalists Missing

CPJ research indicates that the following journalists have disappeared while doing their work. Although some of them are feared dead, no bodies have been found, and they are therefore not classified as "Killed." If a journalist disappeared after being held in government custody, CPJ classifies him or her as "Imprisoned" as a way to hold the government accountable for the journalist's fate.

Cases of journalists missing in conflict zones or areas under the control of militant groups, such as in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen are extremely difficult to track. Information is scarce, the situation is constantly changing, and some cases go unreported.

Attacks on the Press   |   Democratic Republic of the Congo

Attacks on the Press 2003: Democratic Republic of Congo

President Joseph Kabila's transition government was inaugurated in June, after warring parties signed a power-sharing deal in December 2002 that ended a devastating four-year civil war. The peace accord keeps Kabila in power until 2005, with four vice presidents from both the armed and unarmed opposition. In 2005, the country will hold its first elections since independence in 1960. While foreign observers praised Kabila for the accord, local journalists remain skeptical about the new government's willingness and ability to ensure press freedom in the ravaged nation.
March 11, 2004 12:05 PM ET


4 results