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Journalist murders spotlight Honduran government failures

Seven journalists are murdered in a matter of weeks. After minimizing the crimes, Honduran authorities are slow and negligent in pursuing the killers. The government is fostering a climate of lawlessness that is allowing criminals to kill journalists with impunity. A CPJ Special Report by Mike O’Connor

President Porfirio Lobo during a televised press conference in January. (AP/Esteban Felix)

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In Honduras, a wave of deadly violence against media

A police officer conducts surveillance during a crime-fighting operation in Tegucigalpa. (AP/Eduardo Verdugo)

New York, March 29, 2010—The Committee to Protect Journalists urges Honduran authorities to fully investigate last week’s murders of two journalists, part of a month-long wave of lethal violence that has resulted in the slayings of five reporters over all and led to widespread self-censorship in the local media.

March 29, 2010 3:52 PM ET


2 results