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Alerts   |   Costa Rica

Two shooting incidents reported at La Nación in less than a month

New York, March 28, 2005—The Committee to Protect Journalists today called for a prompt and thorough investigation into two gunfire attacks this month against the facilities of the daily newspaper La Nación in Costa Rica's capital, San José.

Three unidentified assailants fired several shots at the newspaper building from a moving vehicle about 4 a.m. on March 23, La Nación reported. No one was injured in the attack, which caused slight damage to the building. Based on interviews with security guards and the discovery of five bullet casings, police suspect a 38-caliber handgun was used, according to La Nación.
March 28, 2005 12:00 PM ET


Attacks on the Press   |   Costa Rica

Attacks on the Press 2002: Costa Rica

Information about the 2001 murder of journalist Parmenio Medina Pérez remains scarce. Although his killing heightened efforts to reform Costa Rica's outdated media laws, the legislative commission that was created to study such laws made no advances during 2002, while Costa Rican journalists continued to suffer from court interference.
March 31, 2003 12:08 PM ET


Attacks on the Press   |   Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti, Panama, Paraguay, Qatar, Venezuela

Attacks on the Press 2001: Americas Analysis

AGAINST A BACKDROP OF TROUBLED ECONOMIES AND DEMOCRACIES, the Americas saw an increase in violent and verbal attacks against journalists during 2001.

The number of journalists murdered in the region has grown, with 11 killed for their work in 2001, compared to seven in 2000 and six in 1999. The violence is also occurring in more countries across the region. Notably, in Costa Rica--long considered one of Latin America's freest and most democratic countries--the assassination of Parmenio Medina Pérez was the first murder documented by CPJ in that country's recent history.

March 26, 2002 12:12 PM ET


Attacks on the Press   |   Costa Rica

Attacks on the Press 2001: Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a country long regarded as one of the freest and most democratic in Latin America, was profoundly shocked by the July 7 murder of veteran journalist Parmenio Medina Pérez--the first assassination of a journalist in the country's recent history.

Unknown assailants shot Medina, producer and host of the weekly radio program "La Patada" (The Kick), three times at close range. His program had often denounced official corruption and earned the journalist numerous threats. Two months before his murder, Medina received death threats in connection with accusations he made on air about fiscal improprieties at a local Catholic radio station, and unknown attackers fired bullets at his house. Twenty minutes after Medina's murder, one of his colleagues at "The Kick" received an anonymous call saying he would be the next victim. The station that carried Medina's program, Radio Monumental, received threatening calls for months, the station's news coordinator told CPJ.

March 26, 2002 12:09 PM ET


Alerts   |   China, Colombia, Philippines

37 journalists killed for their work in 2001

New York, January 3, 2002--A total of 37 journalists were killed worldwide as a direct result of their work in 2001, a sharp increase from 2000 when 24 were killed, according to CPJ research. At least 25 were murdered, almost all with impunity.

The dramatic rise is mainly due to the war in Afghanistan, where eight journalists were killed in the line of duty covering the US-led military campaign and a ninth journalist died of wounds sustained there two years ago. This was the highest death toll recorded for a single country since 1999, when 10 journalists were killed in Sierra Leone.

Alerts   |   China, Colombia

37 periodistas asesinados por su trabajo en el 2001

Nueva York, 3 de enero de 2002
-- Un total de 37 periodistas fueron asesinados en todo el mundo como resultado directo de su labor en el 2001, un brusco incremento en relación con el año 2000, cuando 24 fueron asesinados, según las investigaciones del Comité para la Protección de los Periodistas (CPJ, por sus siglas en inglés). Por lo menos 25 de ellos fueron asesinados, casi todos con impunidad.

El dramático aumento se debe principalmente a la guerra en Afganistán, donde ocho periodistas murieron cumpliendo su deber al cubrir la campaña militar encabezada por los Estados Unidos, y un noveno periodista murió de heridas que recibió en ese país hace dos años. Este es el mayor saldo de víctimas que se haya registrado en un solo país desde 1999, cuando 10 periodistas fueron asesinados en Sierra Leona.

Letters   |   Costa Rica

Radio journalist shot dead

Your Excellency: The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the defense of journalists worldwide, is writing to express its profound sorrow over the killing of radio journalist Parmenio Medina Pérez. We are encouraged by the swift start of the official investigation and hope the authors of this heinous crime will be brought to justice.

October 12, 2001 12:00 AM ET


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