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Tajik judges seek millions from weeklies in civil libel case

A man peruses newspapers in Dushanbe. (Reuters)

New York, February 3, 2010—The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on judges in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, to drop their defamation lawsuits against three popular independent weeklies for damage amounts that would bankrupt them.


Attacks on the Press 2002: Tajikistan

The devastating legacy of the civil war (1992-1997) between President Imomali Rakhmonov's government and various opposition parties for control over the country continued to haunt the Tajik media in 2002. Because of widespread poverty--a result of the war and a subsequent string of natural disasters--reporters often work in run-down offices with outdated equipment. Only a small fraction of the population can access or afford the Internet. Moreover, the media community remains small, since many of the country's leading journalists either fled during the civil war or perished in it. (Tens of thousands died during the conflict, including at least 24 journalists.) Scarred by the violent murders of their colleagues, many journalists heavily censor themselves to avoid retribution. And the government's failure to effectively investigate cases of murdered journalists only deepens the press' sense of insecurity.
March 31, 2003 12:01 PM ET


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Asia Plus to receive radio license

New York, July 31, 2002—Three weeks after it was refused a radio license, the independent Tajik news agency Asia Plus was informed that it will receive permission to broadcast—and become the first private broadcaster to serve the capital, Dushanbe.

On July 29, Tajik president Imomali Rakhmonov met with Umed Babakhanov, director of Asia Plus, and said he would instruct the State Committee for Television and Radio to issue the license that Asia Plus has sought for four years.

July 31, 2002 12:00 PM ET


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Independent radio station denied license

New York, July 19, 2002—After delaying its decision for nearly four years, the Tajik government last week refused a broadcast license to the independent media agency Asia Plus.

Asia Plus applied in August 1998 to open a radio station in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, where only state-run television and radio stations operate. The agency received a brief reply from the State Committee for Television and Radio on July 8, 2002, stating that a second radio station in Dushanbe was "unnecessary."

July 19, 2002 12:00 PM ET


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