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The International Program Network

CPJ's International Program Network was initially launched with an endowed gift from Bloomberg.

A growing team of on-the-ground consultants and stringers helps CPJ respond in real time to press emergencies around the world. Working closely with the program staff at CPJ's headquarters in New York, the International Program Network advances our mission of promoting global press freedom by:

  • Improving our ability to report and investigate attacks on journalists wherever they occur.
  • Strengthening alliances with local and regional press freedom advocacy groups.
  • Enabling more timely, direct assistance to journalists in distress.
  • Meeting with local and international authorities to advocate directly for press safety.

Whether responding to a crisis or lending context to a regional threat, this network of experienced reporters and regional analysts has provided invaluable support to CPJ's work.

Here are just a few of their accomplishments.

Reporting from the scene

November 23, 2009, was the single deadliest day for journalists in recent history. Thirty-two journalists and media workers were systematically killed in a massacre in the Philippines province of Maguindanao. Within two days, CPJ's Southeast Asia Consultant Shawn Crispin, a veteran reporter based in Bangkok, was at the site of the massacre. Crispin helped coordinate an international investigation that found that family members of the victims had been offered financial inducements to drop their cases against the suspected killers. He has also closely followed the stalled efforts to bring those responsible to justice, keeping a spotlight on the conditions that allow the killing of journalists in the Philippines to go unpunished.

Direct assistance to journalists

East Africa Consultant Tom Rhodes launched a Nairobi office in 2010, improving CPJ's ability to document and investigate threats to journalists in the region. In 2011, his work took him to South Sudan, where journalists are struggling to build a free press in the newly independent country. Just as important has been Rhodes' direct contact with a growing number of journalists in the region who have sought CPJ's help in leaving their home countries to escape violence and persecution. In coordination with international and regional assistance organizations, Rhodes has helped CPJ's Journalist Assistance program to support relocation efforts for journalists in exile and to provide medical care and emergency aid when needed.

In-depth analysis and advocacy

Veteran reporter Mike O'Connor, CPJ's Mexico Representative, worked closely with Senior Americas Program Coordinator Carlos Lauría to write "Silence or Death in Mexico's Press" in September 2010. The report documents in chilling detail the murder, abduction, and other attacks on Mexico's journalists since President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa took office in 2006. A month after the report was published, a CPJ delegation presented it to Calderón and his cabinet, and received in response a pledge to push for an end to the systematic impunity at state and local levels.

In fall 2011, CPJ also had consultants, stringers, and representatives working in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Senegal, Russia, Brazil, India, and Hong Kong SAR.

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