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From Homs, injured journalists seek world's help

In this video posted to YouTube by a Syrian activist, injured Le Figaro reporter Edith Bouvier and Sunday Times photographer William Daniels speak from Homs along with the local doctor who has been treating them. They are pleading with the world to make the barrage of rockets stop and to allow Bouvier to get urgent medical care. They speak in Arabic, English, and French.

Click here for Paul Conroy's appeal video.

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Shall we do the inevitable. First things forget. Foreign Relations Dept. must rescue colleagues. Everyone contact Mamoepa Clayson and the Team. We cannot lose them. AGAIN. Libya must be the very last ....

Onu must take some action on Syria. The killing must stop. Finally, who is the doctor he is in various videos but is not idendificaded, this man is helping everybody there he is a hero too!

The world should be, and probably is incensed. That may at east be a good thing